August 26, 2021



Suspenders are off of the site for a little while... I have become kind of frustrated dealing with wrong sizes & wrong connection types that are provided to me ( even when I say send me a photo). Every time I make a set that has to come back to me for a connection style changeout or alteration that didn't have to be I get frustrated... We are extremely busy and this is bogging us down . These will be back up eventually but they will be off at least until October. Thanks, Bryan
July 05, 2021


Lead Times and Black Hardware

Currently our lead times for Radio Straps & Multiple Item Orders are 5-7 weeks...I just had Back surgery and Im moving about 75% speed so please be patient..

Some smaller items when ordered by themselves like Chin , Glove Straps, and Mask Bags will at times get shipped out the next day or within a couple days..and this goes for a lot of items that are ordered by themselves. you are welcome to email me to find out before you order for smaller items what the leadtime will be. 

Also..Any item that requires a 1" Black Scissor Snap ( Black Hardware Radio Straps) will be getting a different style temporarily, these are just as strong and well made just a different style.. We, just like everyone else are experiencing a HUGE BACKORDER delay from any suppliers to get Black Scissor Snaps.

As soon as were able to get the Black Scissor Snaps we will get them back on Straps.