FYRESTEEL and Custom Knives

FYRESTEEL Knives , Prybars, & Custom Knives

All of our knives are handmade with the finest steels and are built like tanks.
When looking for Custom Knives please email me and we can figure out what your looking for. 

All  FYRESTEEL"Knives are made with 80crv2 High Carbon Steel.
FYRESTEEL Knives & Prybars will be on the site on a regular basis and others will be one offs that make on the side and decide to sell.

Most of the knives in this section are geared towards the Fire Service and are made to withstand severe abuse and be an indispensable tool for use every shift .

All our Knives carry a lifetime warranty against craftsmanship defects (overt abuse and misuse is not covered) You know what I mean...

All knives come with a Custom Sheath either Leather or Kydex that are also made by us in my shop.. Same warranty applies to the sheaths.