Welcome to FD Leatherwork's... I make some of the most high quality Leather Gear for the Fire Service and Everyday use that you'll find anywhere. We specialize in Radio Straps, Leatherman Tool Cases, Knife Cases , Bunker Gear Suspenders, Belts, and Accessories for the Fire Service as well as a multitude of unique products for everyday use. Look around the site and I'm sure you will find something to suit your needs.


A peek at some of the items we have been working on...<instagrammy></instagrammy>



August 22, 2020

After having a Cervical Fusion a few weeks ago were opening the ordering back up. Things with the surgery went really well and Im feeling fantastic. I still have to wear a collar for a few more weeks and I'm not moving quite as fast as I normally do but I'm back to comfortably working in the shop with the help of my beautiful wife! Thanks for everyones patience during this time.. View full article →


July 23, 2020

Hey y'all...We are currently shut down for new orders for a few months so we can get caught up and so I can have a much needed Cervical Spinal Fusion... I just found this out today and it came a somewhat as a shock..(no pun intended). We need the next month or so to get caught up and then the surgery is sometime in August..After that I'll need a month or so to get rehabbed enough to start filling some orders again. We will continue to update the Instagram and Facebook page for updates and to let everyone know when we will be back open. Please stay with us as this is just a minor setback in what is a... View full article →