Welcome to FD Leatherwork's... I make some of the most high quality Leather Gear for the Fire Service and Everyday use that you'll find anywhere. We specialize in Radio Straps, Leatherman Tool Cases, Knife Cases , Bunker Gear Suspenders, Belts, and Accessories for the Fire Service as well as a multitude of unique products for everyday use. Look around the site and I'm sure you will find something to suit your needs.


A peek at some of the items we have been working on...<instagrammy></instagrammy>



December 25, 2020

We hope everyone has a great holiday ... View full article →


August 22, 2020

After having a Cervical Fusion a few weeks ago were opening the ordering back up. Things with the surgery went really well and Im feeling fantastic. I still have to wear a collar for a few more weeks and I'm not moving quite as fast as I normally do but I'm back to comfortably working in the shop with the help of my beautiful wife! Thanks for everyones patience during this time.. View full article →