Please Read Before You Order

In 1998, after years in the fire service and seeing a need for quality leather goods , I decided to start making products that Firefighters could use and that would last a career if taken care of, and here we are...
I am a Retired Engineer/Paramedic with The City of Orlando Fire Department and I made a career of the Fire Service from 1989-1998.
"Why would you buy a loaf of average white bread when it's only $1 more for the WAY better stuff." get what you pay for!
We offer a wide variety of some of the best leather products for the Fire service. I feel that I make some of the nicest, well made leather gear on the market for Firefighters. The staple of my business has always been Leather Radio straps, Leather Bunker Gear Suspenders , and Truckman / Axe belts. In addition to the above I make Multi-tool Cases for Leather,Gerber, and any type of Tool you m ay have. I also make a variety of accessories and everyday gear that will suit many needs.

Every product that we make starts out as a whole hide directly from my supplier. None of the products we make are pre-made or sub contracted out. Any products you receive from us has had my hands on it from the beginning to the end of production as to maintain quality control...Every product is hand cut, hand dyed, put together by hand , and finished by hand.

At F.D.Leatherworks, I pride myself not only on my over-engineered designs, but also on the fact that I use the greatest quality thread, rivets and leathers I can find. All of my products are fully warranted against all defects in materials and workmanship. In fact, I offer a LIMITED LIFETIME Warranty against manufacturer defects, such as (but not limited to) a busted snap & broken stitching. There is not much that can happen to these tough products, they are made to last a long time!

If the product you purchase is grossly misrepresented in any way, you are entitled to receive a full refund (less shipping) upon the returning of the product. (grossly misrepresented means you received the wrong product in this case.) (see Return Policy below)

Privacy Policy

Contact information including email address, telephone number, address, etc. which is provided by the user is used solely for the purpose of completing the order. This includes information pertaining to gift recipients. Financial information including credit card numbers, expiration dates, billing address is used solely to bill the customer for their order.

Return Policy

Unless item received was grossly misrepresented, no returns are accepted. Every single item on the FD Leatherworks website is built by hand at the time that it's ordered. FDL is a 1 man leather shop and there are way too many combinations of colors, liners, arts, styles, sizes, etc to be able to stock an inventory. Please study pictures and read the descriptions for all general specs, then make your decision to either own or not own the very best in custom leather. 

Lead Time (aka, Turn Around Time)

Due to overwhelming demand for FD Leatherworks products , please allow 10-12 weeks for delivery ( unless there are other circumstances) All FDL products are produced by hand .  I place your order in the book and complete it on a first come first serve basis..Please do not expect a shipment notification immediately after you order as you will not receive any. Once the product you ordered is completed, a shipping label will be generated and your order will be shipped. (in rare cases that work load is heavier or lighter than usual, lead time may increase or decrease, 10-12 weeks is only an estimate. In some cases, FDL may be able to ship within the very first week, but please don't plan on that, these rad items are MADE BY HAND and FDL cuts NO corners!!!

Christmas Orders (& other holidays)

I am happy to be a source for the gift giving season of Christmas. I have nearly every wife & girlfriend calling me from mid-October thru late Christmas Eve, believe it or not, for that 'perfect gift' for their husband or boyfriend. However, because I am just one person building my products by hand, I am only able to guarantee delivery by December 24th as long as the order is placed by a date that is determined once a year. Any order placed after that will not be guaranteed for delivery by December 24th, however I will try my best. Please consider that once I get started on your order the order cannot be cancelled, if I haven't started it then its no problem to cancel.  I try to build a stock of products prior to this season which helps, but doesn't nearly cover every order I will get. (this goes for any other holiday that you may intend on purchasing an FDL product as a gift for someone. Please simply TRY to order at least 5-6 WEEKS ahead of time, this helps greatly.)

Things to consider before placing an order

I am passionate about leatherwork. I also strive to satisfy my customers. With that said, leatherwork is also a creative outlet for me. I often find myself feeling greatly rewarded and satisfied with many of the projects/jobs commissioned by my customers. Therefore, wherever and whenever possible, should I see an area that I think would benefit the product, item, project, whatever it is I am working on, I will do it....and I'll do it solely at my discretion. This could be a matter of structural integrity of a product OR, and in most cases, could be a matter of aesthetics. This means, I will always use my creative freedom to bring you the most cutting edge, best possible product available in this market. It might mean the addition or subtraction of colors, design work such as tooling, the way the product is constructed, etc. These are things that I MAY not discuss with you via email or over the phone, mainly because I will be creating MY products, MY way. I would never want any customer to think their opinion is not valued, because it certainly is, but I would just want you to know, before you order anything from me, that I will be building everything that leaves my shop, my way.....the way I like to build it....that way I think is best.....this always works out best for everyone involved.
One more thing...Please don't ask me to add things to your order that I normally charge for...they will be not be done..this has become a common practice for some people and I can't continue to let it ride.