Mini Helmet Shield Cord Keeper

F.D. Leatherworks

Tame that Radio Mic Cord  with our Mini Helmet Shield Cord Keepers and look good doing it!

These are exclusive to FD Leatherworks and were the idea of Mrs. FDL..

Mini Helmet Shield Cord keepers will fit Radio Straps 1.5" wide and are a great accessory to your FDL Radio Strap. If you need a smaller or larger size let us know. 

There is limited area to work with on the Mini Shields so please KEEP CUSTOM REQUESTS TO 2-3 LETTERS AND 1-3 NUMBERS..Shields can be left plain , have a Maltese Stamps Only or be customized with different paint schemes..PLEASE STATE IN CHECKOUT NOTES HOW YOU WANT THE SHIELD..IF WE HAVE QUESTIONS WE WILL CONTACT YOU..

These will fit anywhere on the front of the Strap but will look best above the buckle or down near the bottom on the front.



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