Things to Consider

Things to consider before placing an order

I am passionate about leatherwork. I also strive to satisfy my customers. With that said, leatherwork is also a creative outlet for me. I often find myself feeling greatly rewarded and satisfied with many of the projects/jobs commissioned by my customers. Therefore, wherever and whenever possible, should I see an area that I think would benefit the product, item, project, whatever it is I am working on, I will do it....and I'll do it solely at my discretion. This could be a matter of structural integrity of a product OR, and in most cases, could be a matter of aesthetics. This means, I will always use my creative freedom to bring you the most cutting edge, best possible product available in this market. It might mean the addition or subtraction of colors, design work such as tooling, the way the product is constructed, etc. These are things that I MAY not discuss with you via email or over the phone, mainly because I will be creating MY products, MY way. I would never want any customer to think their opinion is not valued, because it certainly is, but I would just want you to know, before you order anything from me, that I will be building everything that leaves my shop, my way.....the way I like to build it....that way I think is best.....this always works out best for everyone involved.