Heavy Duty Leather Truck Belt /Axe Belt

F.D. Leatherworks

Lead Times 8-10 Weeks

FD Leatherworks Heavy Duty Truckman's and Axe Belts are some of the most well made , strongest , popular belts on the market , especially in the Western States. Every belt is made by hand from heavy Veg-Tan or Bridle Leather , copper rivets for superior strength, and stainless steel hardware make for a belt that will last your whole career! All belts come configured with 2 stainless D-rings and a glove clip on one side, with the other side of the belts for Utility Accessories. Another option is to have an Axe/Tool Loop in place of the standard configuration. Each belt also comes with 1 hand stitched keeper loop.

Belts are 2” Wide

-All Belts have Black or Brown Accessory Leather Pieces..(Keeper Loops, Hardware Loops etc..) Whatever looks and works best for the belt.... Axe Loop Belts will have matching Axe Loop...

-All Belts can have your Name , Dept. etc.. on the back of the belt painted to a color of your choice.

-Please include in the Shopping Cart NOTES BOX what you want on the belt and waist size with Bunker Gear "ON"  

-All belts are built to last and have some limiting factors as far as configuration..these have been tested time and time over the years and work well. I will be happy to make some minor changes to them to fit your taste but I can't do major overhauls to the design of the belts for you.

 -All Belts are made with Stainless Steel Hardware

-All Belts Come with a 2 Snap Keeper Loop

-All Belts with Axe Loop come with 2" Utility Ring on a Leather Slide Loop


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