Multi-Tool / Bit Kit / Extension Case

F.D. Leatherworks

This Leatherman case has to be the Grandaddy of them all. This case allows you to carry your favorite Multi-Tool and have room behind it in the case for small accessories. This case was designed to be used with Leatherman Tools that have the Bit Kit / Extension Capabilities. The Bit Kit and Extension fit perfectly behind the tool for quick access. This is a BEEFY CASE and would be perfect on the job or on the hiking trail or Campsite.

*This Case could be used with other Multi-tools and the extra pocket could be utilized however you see fit.

*Standard Case will have a nice Bridle Leather Lining and will be double stitched on the body of the case and on the Flap..

*Designs are available like in the photo (message for info) This may be a slight Xtra charge.

*Lots of work and Pride go into these Cases and they are built for a LONG service life if taken care of


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