Custom Item Build or Repair Request

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If you are looking for a Custom Item to be made this is where you do it.

Often times we get requests to make custom items that are not on the website and we are definitely happy to do it. We have built this category in an effort to keep track of those items and get them in my rotation of orders so that they are not overlooked.

If you have an item that needs to be fixed, altered, or refurbished that can be done here also..

Radio Strap Hardware Replacement Requests are also done here. If the hardware needs to be replaced due to wear and tear we change it out for $10 plus shipping cost, usually $10..Please contact us for info

Please Email me with your requests @ so we can talk about what you want to have done and I can give you a price .

Choose the general Category of your item and a price that I have given you then proceed to the Checkout. Please place in the checkout notes what we talked about or Email me and I will add the notes. 

Because of the way my system is set up i have to use a back door to get the correct pricing applied...example:

If I quote you $100 for a Custom Item please choose "10" items in the quantity box @$10 EACH  to come up to $100...If the item is $400 choose "40" items etc...That way you get charged the correct way..I will also include the Shipping Charge in my quote to you so theres no overcharges on the shipping..




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