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F.D. Leatherworks

Whether you are a Leatherworker, a Carpenter, a BBQ Master or a Craftsman of any type these Waxed canvas Apron with keep you clean and keep the mess off your clothes. These have a multitude of uses .

Available in many Canvas colors, Leather Colors, and 4 different Hardware Colors

We use #10 Martexin Waxed canvas which is probably the BEST waxed Canvas you can get.

All Aprons are lined with thin black fabric and these Aprons are best washed by hand in COLD water 

All Leather is Herman Oak Bridle Leather  

Standard Apron has 3 Chest Pocket Slots 2"-4"-2" wide and 5" deep

Lower Pockets are 7" Deep 

Slides on the rear of the Apron will be Silver or Black depending on current supply.

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