Welcome to FD Leatherwork's... I make some of the most high quality Leather Gear for the Fire Service and Everyday use that you'll find anywhere. We specialize in Radio Straps, Bunker Gear Suspenders, Belts, and Accessories for the Fire Service as well as a multitude of unique products for everyday use. Look around the site and I'm sure you will find something to suit your needs.



Changes to the website..

December 21, 2016

Another Xmas season is done for us here and we are gearing up for 2017...Lots of Changes are coming . Early in 2017 look for Leather and Waxed Canvas Tote bags , waxed canvas tool rolls, ditty bags,etc. In the Radio Strap Department we are focusing on more our high end Straps in order to distance ourselves from the ever-growing crowd...Here at FDL we focus more on quality and not just what stamp we may or may not have, or what rediculous color scheme we can make up..Don't let a single stamp determine what strap you get! View full article →

Christmas Ordering

November 27, 2016

As of today 11/27/16 Radio Straps, Suspenders, Truck Belts, and Leatherman cases are no longer available to order until after the new year. People ask "why don't you leave them available and just say they wont be there by Xmas?' Well...I have tried that in the past and I will continue to get orders all the way up until Xmas Eve and then people get pissed at me that I didn't get their custom order done and shipped in 1 day!! Shutting down like this is a necessary evil for us in order to get orders out on time..remember ..I still work full time at the F.D. and work hard to get everything out as soon as I can for... View full article →